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There is an avenue going through the site which provides an important pedestrian link between Copse Hill and Cottenham Park Road.  This is part of a longer route that has been used for many years by local residents.  The route goes through the site and then continues south via a path from Cottenham Park Road to Melbury Gardens, and then via the park to Cambridge Road.  The path is also an important pedestrian route for residents wanting to get to and from the 200 bus stop, which is located in the grounds of Atkinson Morley's Hospital.

The path provides access to the site and views of the playing fields, woodland and lawn area.

A sign has been put up at the entrance to the Atkinson Morley site.  The wording is "This route is not a public right of way.  If you choose to use this path please be aware that Berkeley Homes cannot accept any liability for any accidents which may cause injury as a result of this route".  Berkeley Homes are protecting themselves from the public liability risk. It doesn't mean you can't use the path.  It is accepted by Berkeley that the path will be kept open when the new development takes place and it is a planning requirement.  Keep walking!

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