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The first meeting of the Atkinson Morley’s Task Force took place on 9 October 1998 under the Chairmanship of Roger Casale MP. It was his initiative under the umbrella of the Wimbledon Civic Forum to bring together St. George’s Trust, Merton Council and local bodies to discuss the future of the site.

The Trust withdrew from the discussions in October 1999 prior to submissions by all parties in response to the UDP consultation.  Meetings of the Forum continued without the Trust, until August 2000.

Following publication of the Inspector’s Report there was an informal meeting with the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Trust in September 2002. 

Three meetings with St. George’s NHS Trust and their advisors (on 15 March, 23 April and 16 June) have taken place. The first of these was arranged by the Trust following an invitation by LUNG for the Chairman and Chief Executive to attend their public meeting on 17 March. LUNG were then given their first sight of the NHS Trust's proposed development scheme

Following the first meeting, a summary of LUNG’s objections to the draft scheme were presented to Mr. Ian Hamilton, Chief Executive of the Trust.

During subsequent meetings:

Architects of the scheme suggested that LUNG might wish to explore an “exchange” which would allow the built intrusion into the MOL without overall loss. The proposal was to return part of the built area (hospital canteen building) to MOL – but their suggestions also included another area on the eastern border which is already “green and wooded” and therefore not available for development. The proposals offered resulted in a net loss of MOL. 

LUNG asked for a separate valuation of the MOL. A specific valuation figure for the MOL has not been named. LUNG have sought permission to obtain their own measurement and valuation of the MOL. 

Merton Council require one planning application for the whole site (built and unbuilt). Conditions will be set, as part of permission to develop (Section 106 Agreements), which tie the developer to completion of both built and unbuilt elements, with retention and rehabilitation of open lands. (Rehabilitation of the MOL will be required to redress the neglect, which has resulted in degradation, particularly, of playing field and woodland areas).

LUNG representatives have argued that the open lands could be acquired by Morley Park Trust to manage as a public park with binding commitments transferred to the Trustees.  Mr. Hamilton agreed to discuss this proposal with Merton Council.

Click here for summary of the  meeting, 23rd July,  between LUNG Committee members and representatives of the NHS Trust.

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