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 Goldfinch                        Bullfinch                     Chaffinch                      Greenfinch



Dunnock                        Chiffchaff                   Wren                         House sparrow



 Song thrush                  Mistle thrush                 Blackbird                     Starlings



 Pied wagtail                 

Robin                         House martin



Great tit                         Blue tit                         Long-tailed tit               

Photo of feral pigeon


Feral pigeon                  Wood pigeon               Collared doves              Mallard duck



Common gull                Black-headed gulls        Kestrel                       Sparrow hawk




Carrion crow


Great spotted                            Tawny owl                 Magpie            


Date last updated 01/08/11   Photos credits:
1 Glyn Davies: House sparrow, Song thrush, Blackbird, Starlings, Robin, Great tit, Feral pigeon,
                         Common gull, Kestrel, Sparrow hawk, Great spotted woodpecker

2 Tony Drakeford: Goldfinch, Blue tit, Tawny owl

3 Nick Williams: Book of Common British Birds: a photographic guide.  Hodder Wayland 1992
                           Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Dunnock, Chiffchaff, Wren, Mistle thrush,
                           House martin, Pied wagtail, Long-tailed tit, Woodpigeon, Collared doves,
                           Mallard, Black-headed gulls. Magpie, Carrion crow