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There has been a Scout group based on the Atkinson Morley site for many years.  The original HQ was located where Cranford Close is now.  When the NHS  sold part of the Atkinson Morley land for the Cranford Close development, the Scouts moved to their current location and were granted a 15-year lease in 1971.  

When this lease ran out in 1985 the NHS were uncertain about the long term plans for the Atkinson Morley and were only prepared to renew the lease for 3 years.  When that lease expired, the scouts were unable to get any security of tenure on the site as plans were emerging for the Atkinson Morley facilities to be transferred to the St George's Hospital site in Tooting, and the NHS did not want to agree anything with the scouts that might hamper the eventual sale of what would become surplus land.  

The Scouts continued to press for either a long term lease or outright purchase of the site.  They joined forces with the local residents associations in the campaign to achieve, and then maintain, Metropolitan Open Land status for the Atkinson Morley site.  The NHS Trust were always sympathetic to the Scoutsí need for a secure base and when it became clear that the land could not be built on, a 99 year lease was eventually agreed in 2002.  

The Scouts have for many years been keen to extend their HQ site into the disused tennis courts that surround it.  The additional space would be used for outdoor training, camping and sports. They are working with LUNG on the proposals for the future use of the Atkinson Morley site.